The Surman Lab

The Surman Lab is an interdisciplinary research group led by Andrew Surman. We are based in the Department of Chemistry at King’s College, London.

Our interests are broad, but centre on Supramolecular Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Systems Chemistry, and an affinity for horrible messes which nobody else wants to deal with. We are applying these as tools to solve practical problems (understanding heterogenous industrial materials, environmental & medical diagnostics) and more fundamental questions (especially around the Origin of Life).


This page will grow as the group grows. In the meantime, you can find more info here:


(in order of arrival in the group)

We are a growing group, always on the lookout for talented, fun, colleagues. We advertise available positions, but if you’re interested in joining the Surman Lab – to pursue research studentships, year abroad/Erasmus studies, or a postdoctoral fellowship – please get in contact with Andrew directly.


Dr Andrew J Surman (
+44 (0) 20 78481817

Britannia House, Office 1.19 [Map here]
Nearest Tube: Borough (also ca. 10 mins walk from Elephant & Castle, Southwark, and London Bridge)

Department of Chemistry,
King’s College London,
7 Trinity Street,
London. SE1 1DB.

n.b. If you’re struggling to Google Andrew, try adding the word “Chemistry”; Andrew has never been a professional footballer or singer.